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I am a health and wellness writer with a combined 8 years of experience creating content, covering a wide range of topics in the beauty, health, and sexual wellness space. I have a passion for capturing the vision of my clients because I value authenticity and creativity. I enjoy being a resource to those looking to try new things, get advice on dating, learning about their bodies via sex education, giving my perspective on sex and retail as both a consumer and a product reviewer. I love exploring the wonders of wellness and the beauty industry through products and trends, taking thorough deep dives into topics featuring tons of research with a realistic perspective that's relatable and easy to consume.

Can a Token Economy be Effective in Helping You Reach Your Wellness Goals? – RENEWDFORLIFE

A token economy is a reward system designed to reinforce or create desired behavior or habits. It is based on the contingency of maintaining that behavior or habit with positive Reinforcement by way of reward. A perfect example is when children are given stickers or tokens when they do chores or follow instructions. In some cases, these stickers or tokens can be collected and then traded in for an even higher reward. This can be used to motivate an individual positively towards a goal.

How can

Reducing the Feelings of Imposter Syndrome – RENEWDFORLIFE

If you were to google the word Imposter, it would be defined as someone who pretends to be someone they are not to deceive others, usually for some nefarious intention or personal gain. Imposter syndrome is when individuals feel they are not as competent as others perceive them to be. Sometimes the thought of being seen as successful or even worthy of the accolades you have worked so hard for can be overwhelming.

All Rabbit Vibes are the Same, Right? Wrong.

All Rabbit Vibes are the Same, Right? Wrong.

I have two words for you: Pleasure and Innovation. As a sex toy reviewer, the one thing I can tell you is that variety is, without a doubt, the spice of life. Having options is a necessity in navigating the world we live in, especially when it comes to our pleasure. However, more variety on the market can make narrowing down your choices a bit overwhelming. Whether you’re new to the wonderful world of sex toys or looking for the next addition to your

A Look at How Consumers View Product Upgrades

The first sex toy I ever purchased was a Blue Dolphin Vibrator from Adam & Eve. I wanted something easy to use, budget-friendly, and straight to the point. Not too long after that, I picked up a rechargeable vibrator that was not only more powerful but made of silicone, and I no longer had to sacrifice my remote batteries for my orgasms. Then recently, I reviewed the Tango X from We-Vibe, giving it a side-by-side comparison to its decade-old predecessor, the Tango. After publishing the review, I

When It Comes to Marketing Sex toys, One Size Doesn't Fit All

Perhaps the biggest difference between running a business 10 years ago and running a business today is the role social media can play in your success. As of 2019, 79 percent of the United States population and 91 percent of businesses had social networking profiles, making the medium extremely effective for connecting not only businesses with potential customers but also businesses with other businesses. Because most marketing has moved to digital platforms and more people rely on social media f

Clumpy, Watery, Thick: What Does Semen Consistency Mean? | Giddy

Most of us know that semen—the ejaculate spurted by men during sexual encounters—is made up of a cocktail of ingredients that unite a cell and an egg. Sometimes it’s swallowed or spit out. Other times it just ends up in a tissue. But did you know that the texture and consistency of your spunk—whether it’s clumpy or watery—can actually tell you a lot about your health? Whether it comes out like a faucet or has a little bit of chew to it, knowing the difference between healthy semen and its other

How to Keep Retail Customers Engaged With Sales Newsletters

What’s one of the first things that comes to mind when you think of the word “clutter”? Emails. Amidst a global pandemic that has affected every human being in the world in some way, shape or form, there’s a lot and not so much going on at the same time. People are bored. When they get bored, they start doing things that they have either put off doing in their free time, or put on the back burner because it simply wasn’t important. Cleaning and sorting through unwanted emails is one of them. Get

Stay Safe: Tips for Protecting Yourself When You're Dating Online

When it comes to dating on the Internet, I’ve been doing it for some years now. With the exception of one bad experience, it’s been going well. Recently, however, I read a story about a woman who was allegedly murdered by a guy she met on the dating app Tinder. And another story where a man was robbed after being lured by a woman under the impression that they were going to hook up.

Of course, there is always been some danger involved in internet dating, and many people worry about their person

Satisfyer Multifun 3: Sex Toy Review

The Verdict: (out of five)

What if I told you you could have it all? A multi-use vibrator with endless combinations and tons of variety. That’s what I think about when I look at the Satisfyer Partner Multifun 3. A gender-neutral sex toy that can be used for both singles and couples. Coming from the brand that not only makes sex toys affordable but built with quality and a generous fifteen-year manufactures warranty. They make one of my favorite sex toys –Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation. I am in

Examining the Benefits of Embracing Ecommerce

The internet has become one of the most accessible and necessary tools for navigating the technologically enhanced world we live in. It has become vital to the sex toy industry which has been killing the game for over the past two decades with the growing curiosity of consumers and their relationship with pleasure for themselves and with their partners. An episode from “Sex and the City” reminded me of how crucial brick-and-mortar sex shops were to those looking to dive deeper into their sexuali

Masturbation Misconceptions & Why You Should Try It At Least Once

I didn’t really grow up in the most “Sex Positive” household. In fact, I remember the “The Sex Talk” being very brief. I was never formally introduced to masturbation. I imagined it would have been quite an awkward conversation to have with my parents in the first place. So when I discovered that masturbation was called “Masturbation,” I had no idea that I had already been doing it for years. Now that I think about it, I didn’t really have a word for what I was doing. All I knew was that it made

How to Not Suffer in Silence

As a black woman, I think that black people are some of the strongest human beings to ever exist on planet earth. However, we can sometimes be too prideful in ourselves, to the point where we are willing to suffer in silence. We have a tendency to let fear and shame invade our minds and silence us. This forces us to believe that we are the only ones going through whatever we are going through. While I believe that experiences are unique to the individual, I don’t believe that one individual is t

5 Unconventional New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Stick To

A new year is here and for many, it feels like a well-needed fresh start. And with that fresh start, we make resolutions. The biggest problem with New Year’s resolutions is that we have a tendency to set the same damn goals EVERY YEAR. Go to the gym more often, start going to the gym, lose weight, eat healthier, procrastinate less, and be more charitable to others. What makes it even worse is that we set time frames around our resolutions which do nothing but bring about added stress and anxiety